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    Can you change the TOC font size and pane size?


      I am using RH 9 to generate WebHelp whose output is ultimately being viewed by a QT browser on a Linux platform machine. In my WebHelp settings, I am using "(Traditional style -no skin)" and using "Show/hide navigation pane" in my topic navigation.


      Because of the small size screen that it is being viewed on, the default TOC pane size is too big (takes up half the screen), and the TOC font is too small (defaults to 10 pt). I can't seem to find any where in the RH UI to change these two settings. Does anyone know the specific output file(s) where these are being stored so can I change these settings manually? I know that if I manually change them outside of RH, I'll need to do it every time file I publish my help system, but that's an acceptable workaround to me, given the importance of this issue to me.