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    Converting colors to monochrome black (not to grayscale) Pro X


      Hello everyone, I'm trying to convert the colors in a PDF to monochrome black (black, black, and only black, not grayscale wanted!!!), but I only find how to convert in grayscale... I'm using Pro X and I don't have and can't have any other software at work..


      I have not any knowledge about design/prepress.. I learned to use Acrobad Pro X by myself, and with the Web.. but, I'm convinced there must be a way to do it ?!?


      The situation: having over 50 AutoCAD ".dwg" files..

      In Windows Explorer, selecting all .dwg files, right-click and choosing "combine supported file type to Acrobat"

      (... Selecting the layouts and/or model, and options I want than waiting for the conversion ...)


      The created PDF file (default name when saving is Binder1.pdf) is in color, as the drawing is in color too.

      If I preflight / fix-up / convert to grayscale, it will print in grayscale, but some gray is too pale, barely visible on paper.


      Like the "plot color style table / pen assignment" in AutoCAD, I'm looking for a result like "monochrome.ctb", not the "grayscale.ctb"




      [ For those who know how AutoCAD works, it can be long and fastidious to open up each single file and plot it.. unless anyone of you knows how to bacth plot a bunch of different files, all on the same plot style/profile/ctb.. cause we're 3 professional drafters here and except for freewares still prohibited at work, no one knows how to do it beside coding - or trying to code - some script!! - but anyway, it's not the purpose here, so... ]


      Well, I'm sure there is a way to do it in Acrobat, would be very usefull for me for other work purposes, but I just can't find how to do it.. Tried a lot of things, spent 2 hours reading forums/blogs, but didn't find what I was looking for, or maybe  I'm useless today lol.. Anyway, if anyone knows the way, you'd make my day (and 4 weeks too) !!!!




      *Excuse my English.. second language!