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    Blog archive is shown in wrong language

    cc08180 Newcomer



      How can I change the language in which my blog archive is shown? My blog is in Norwegian, but the archive links are shown in English. So instead of the links saying "May 2012", "June 2012" etc. I would like for it to be displayed in Norwegian like the rest of the blog. Any way to achieve this?


      You can see the temporary blog at www.copycat.as/_blog/ccblogg

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          mario_gudelj Rockstar

          Hi cc08180,


          There's no translation for that tag and it can not be customised at this stage. You'll need to use jQuery for this and obtain all the months displayed by the the tag, loop through them, match the month name and change it to Norwegian name. That's the only way in which this can be done at this point.





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            Hi Mario,

            Has enything changed since then? I mean I have always problems with the language that BC is using by default on the frontend. How can I change this? My website is in English, I'm from Belgium where people speek Dutch but the months in the blog, and some other things always apper in French!? How we can control the langueges in BC? Is there anything planned to help multilingual Europe use BC?

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              mario_gudelj Rockstar

              Hey Tom,


              There's unfortunately no way to add other languages to the culture dropdown at this stage. I'm not sure if and when the translation to new languages will be opened up again so that Dutch can be added to the list of available languages. I can not see this on the short term map.





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                Yeah. I, too, wants to have the names in Norwegian. I find it quite incredible that this is not possible. At long last I found the setting of culture in the partner portal, so that the names on the individual blog posts are presented correctly. Really makes no sense that the archive doesn't follow suit! Anyone who have found a better solution that fixing this via JS?