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    How to hide html/text element when a recordset field is empty

    sdudart Level 1

      I have a bibliographical database. The result page show a bibliographical reference with ponctuations thanks to which I separate titel, authors, ... . there are some references with empty fields (the subtitel for example). When these fields are empty I try to do not show the ponctuation for these bibliographical elements (empty fields). I found the code below but it does not work. I try a lot of other scripts from adobe.com and other forum but they do not work. A few years ago I used a javascript code that worked well but I do not find it anymore. Could you please take a look at the here down code and help me to solve this tiny problem please ?




      <% If BxlCadreJuridique.Fields.Item("ComplementTitre").Value = "" AND BxlCadreJuridique.Fields.Item("ComplementTitre").Value = NULL Then %>
      : <%=(BxlCadreJuridique.Fields.Item("ComplementTitre").Value)%> <% End If %>