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    Acrobat Reader X freeze and cannot be terminated


      since a few days now, i have 3 users who has issue with Adobe Reader X ( when they open a PDF, adobe freeze and cannot be terminated via task manager.


      here is the error in the event viewer:

      Hanging application AcroRd32.exe, version, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000


      The strange thing is that when i do a right click on the PDF from the task manager and select 'go to process...' it take me to the SCRSS.EXE and not the AcroRd32.exe


      To remidy on this issue, a reboot is required since i cannot terminate CSRSS. Adobe seems to work for a while... but so far, it come back the next day.


      I also checked if the SCRSS is not a virus and passed the MD5.


      I tried to uninstall/reinstall but the issue persist.

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



          Can you try and delete all the files and folders present in your Reader installation directory (by default its C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0). Now try and repair the installation from within the Control Panel.

          For Windows XP: Add/Remove Programs

          For Win 7: Programs and Features


          Does this solve the issue? If not, could you let me know the following information:

          1. Is the process name actually: csrss.exe?

          2. The OS you are working on?

          3. If you are working on Win 7, then could you please get me the location of the process csrss.exe.

              You can do the same by chosing to view the column "Command Line" from Task Manager (View > Select Columns)




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            Frappy6666 Level 1

            i tried to repair/reinstall adobe reader 10.3.1 with no success. The workaround i found was to uninstall 10 and install 9.x.


            1- there is actually 2 instance in the task manager that is created when opening a PDF, one point to acrord32 and the other to scrss. trying to kill the tasks fail.

            2- has both XP and windows 7

            3- CSRSS is in system32

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              I am having this EXACT issue!!! 


              We have been having it with versions 10.1.1 thru 10.1.3. I recently pushed 10.1.3 to our company via SCCM in hopes to repair this issue, but it is still happening with many of our users. I can not find any root cause. I was hoping Adobe would respond with a solution.


              Any assistance is much appreciated




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                we had this problem at our company too. Adobe Reader 10 freezes at startup and cannot be killed using task manager. When looking for the process of the Acrobat window (2 windows are listed), one belongs to AcroRd32.exe and the other one to crss.exe.


                So far, disabling "protected mode at startup" has always solved the problem (Win7 64bit, only SAP/Office installed).