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    Inconsistent display of Muse site on mobile devices

    cc08180 Level 1

      I know that Muse doesn't fully support mobile devices at this point, but it should be possible to have at least some level of consistency on how the websites are displayed when opened in a mobile browser.


      My website is supposed to fill the browser window, but when viewing the site on a mobile browser, the pages are aligned to the left, and the 100% width elements are cut off. However, on some pages, it looks fine, and on other pages it looks even worse.


      Here are some screenshots that shows how differently the pages are displayed. I have also included a screenshot from a normal browser window. What can I do to make the site look "normal" on a mobile device? I have tried using some viewport meta tags, but I can't seem to get it right. Please help! It's embarrassing to have a company website that looks ridiculous when opened in a mobile browser.


      This is the front page. As you can see, the horizontal header and footer has been cut off, and the page has been aligned left instead of filling the browser window.




      This page is displayed even worse! The header and footer has been cut like above, but the whole page is scaled down to expose even more unnecessary gray space to the right.




      This page is displayed correctly! However, other pages pages with the same bookshelf have the same issues as above.



      This is how the website looks in a normal web browser. The header and footer follows the width of the browser.


      Skjermbilde 2012-06-07 kl. 12.49.08.png