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    Not receiving emails from Adobe Ideas.


      I'm trying to email my files to myself from within Adobe Ideas, but I'm not receiving the emails. I checked my spam, and they aren't there. Why aren't I receiving them?

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          Kim McCaw Ortiz Adobe Employee

          I am not yet clear as to why you would not be receiving the email but would like to ask a few questions to try to assist. 

          Can you confirm the Adobe Ideas version that you are using? What email client you are using?  Also, are you sending and receiving other emails from this client?  Is the "Ideas" email in your "Sent" folder?

          The ability to email your "Ideas" is an important feature and I am hopeful that we will be able to resolve the issue that you are having with the additional information from you.



          Kim Ortiz


          Adobe Ideas - Quality Engineering

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            obtuser8 Community Member

            Thanks for your response, Kim.

            I'm trying to send the ideas files directly from the Ideas application on

            my iphone to my gmail account. I've had no problems otherwise sending and

            receiving emails from my gmail account. The files are not appearing in any

            of my other gmail folders (including my sent folder). I'm using Adobe Ideas

            Version 2.0 (29770).


            I appreciate any help you can provide.



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              Diana Hu Adobe Employee

              Hi Mike,


              Thanks for your info. In order to isolate the issue, could you please try the following things?

              1. Launch Apple's Mail app on your iPhone and send an email to your gmail account. If you can see the email, try the next step.
              2. Launch Adobe Ideas and draw a single line, then email the drawing via Adobe Ideas app to your gmail account. Please enter the full email address and don't use auto enter.
              3. If you still cannot see the email, please provide the following info
                • The default Email Account you are using. You can find this info via Settings > Mail > Default Account
                • The iPhone version and iOS version. You can find these info via Settings > General > Version and Model.  


              You can send these info to me (dhu@adobe.com) directly if you prefer.





              Adobe Ideas - QE

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                obtuser8 Community Member

                It looks like it was an issue with the apple mail app settings. Thanks for

                your help.