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    Freehand editor

    Belief Sports Community Member

      I currently have freehand mx and adobe cs5. The files that I am using are in FH format but also available in PDF format. Our company offers custom team wear for sporting teams, when someone inquires about uniforms or team gear I edit the gear using there team colors. Is there an app that I can use to edit the layers and the colors in them. Obviously I am very green and I a desperately trying to edit files on the iPad. Any suggestions?

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          Belief Sports Community Member

          I only want to know which adobe app wil allow me to edit these files. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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            Alec Molloy Adobe Employee

            You won't be able to edit Freehand files in any iPad app that I am aware of. This would be something that you would be better suited doing on a computer—Ideas is more for putting down inspirations on the go, and then moving it into Illustrator for editing.


            Illustrator has full support for Freehand MX files since our acquisition of Macromedia, you should try editing them there.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Community Member

              However I do not believe that Illustrator CS 6 supports Freehand files so you have to open the files in CS 5 or earlier.


              I sincerely sugges tht you and your firm quickly make the transition to illustrator or you will have many years of work that you will soon not ba able to open on a modern computer.


              There will be a time when FreeHand of any version will simply not run on any computer at least one that can actually still run.


              Although I happen to have an Old Mac G3 that is in good condition?


              I'm not actually trying to seel the computer but am making a point you should seriously think about.

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                vickyjs-2007 Community Member

                Alex, You say that " Illustrator has full support for FreeHand MX files since………" but everyone else says you can't directly import into CS6 anymore.


                I don't have Illustrator CS5 - what will be the best thing for me to do - will Illustrator CS6 open Freehand files saved as Illustrator 7 which gives the .ai extension or are there any other options? eg would files saved as .pdf in FreeHand be editable in Illustrator?


                I understand that FreeHand is dead BUT how can I salvage some of my work.


                Some advice would be really good?


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                  Alec Molloy Adobe Employee

                  You might want to try downloading a Freehand MX trial here: http://www.adobe.com/products/freehand/ and then eporting your files to EPS or something. I'm really not sure what to do there.