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    Getting a symbol to know it's own hierarchy

      I have the following set up:

      A movie-symbol (spinner) that contains a spinning movie-symbol (spinner_components).

      (Spinner_components) contains three movie-symbols that are animated. One of these is a rectangle (holder) onto which I load an image, “image”+(x)+”uri” When the timeline comes to the end it increases (x) by 1 to change the image and starts again.

      The actionscript for all this is in a layer of (spinner_components)

      I want to have multiple instances of (spinner) – [spinner1, spinner2 etc.] that all animate the same way but load different images.

      The long way would be to make various different (spinner) symbols, but this would use up a lot more memory.

      Could anyone tell me if there is a way to make a symbol know in which instance it is of a symbol higher up the hierarchy. (IE so that the (spinner_components) of (spinner1.spinner_components) knows that it is different from (spinner2.spinner_components).

      Thanks a lot.