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    Powerclip option


      Can there be an option for powerclip in illustrator as it is in CorelDRAW? The clipping option in Illustrator is way too weak as compared to that in CorelDRAW. Are there ways to make the clipping mask as workable as that is CDRAW?

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          John Stanowski Level 2

          Hey, I am all for a LOT of Corel DRAW features finding their way into Illustrator. But I was wondering, could you give some details?

          I was just curious. It's been 3 years since I switched to AI from Corel so I'm actually starting to forget how clipping worked there.

          What would you change about how it works in AI? (I think it works pretty good.)


          (Older versions though had it so that clipped objects were still selectable beyond the bounds of the clipping mask (which was so unbelievably stupid). But that's fixed now.)

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            aishwarya br Level 1

            The clipping mask in Adobe Illustrator is the tool equivalent to Powerclip in Corel Draw. Just make sure the object you want to powerclip it to is on top. If you have effects going on in either of the objects, try either/combination of expand, expand appearance and release commands, it works well for me!