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    Adding info in Head section of HTML output pages (HTML Help 1.x)

    Celine Deguire



      Using Robohelp 8, is it possible to insert information (i.e., metatags) into the Head sections of individual HTML output pages for HTML Help 1.x. The issue is to ensure the ability to produce tags such as these in the actual Help 1.x HTML pages:


      <head><link rel="stylesheet" href="local.css" type="text/css">

      <title>Browser dei riferimenti incrociati</title>


      <meta name="Microsoft.Help.Id" content="ModuleName.TopicAliasMarker" />


      <meta name="Microsoft.Help.F1" content="Coll_ISa5_acf.ModuleName.TopicAliasMarker" />


      <meta name="Microsoft.Help.Locale" content="it-it" />


      <meta name="Microsoft.Help.TopicLocale" content="it-it" />


      <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">



      The first and second meta tags extract the TopicAlias marker from the individual page and add the module (project) name as a prefix. The Microsoft.Help.F1 meta tag adds a specified text string as a first prefix. All parts are separated by a period. The last two meta tags can just be added as text.


      Our final output is MS HelpViewer 1.x output format where the HTML pages are converted to XHTML pages containing MS meta tags.


      Thanks in advance