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    Populate a drop-down with over 500 items

    DarylGS Level 1

      Just for some background, I am designing a form to be emailed and filled out by the recepient using LiveCycle Designer 8,0.  In this form, I want to create a list of all cities in my state (over 550).  Apparently, there is no way to directly populate the drop-down other than typing each city individually.  However, I have searched the forums and found that there is possibly a script that can be created to accomplish this.  The problem is that I have practically NO  knowledge about writing code.  There is a tool I have in my Programs menu called "Extendscript" but I don't even know if I can use it for this purpose (nor would I know how if it could be used).  By now it is obvious that I am a very "basic" user, but any help on this would be appreciated.