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    FILES CAN'T BE FOUND but associated with another catalog

    vdotmatrix Level 1

      In Scott's Kelby's Book LR3 on page 88 step 6, he talks about 3 options for importing a catalog.....


      In particular he talks about option#3 and says he has NO IDEA wy anyone would choose that option of importing without the images.


      SENARIO: I just switch to MAC. All my work for years was on Windows PC including LR and CS4 design premium. So now when I go to work on images in the same location on THAT windows hard drive I get the message that I cannot do JACk with those images because they are associated with another catalog.


      I can't even click on the "?" in LR4 to find them without the same message coming up.


      I was thinking of firing up the old Windows Box, somehow finding all the images through LR3 and then using option #3 to import all 10,000 images or at least their locations to my new shiny Mac system(s).


      Objective: I am trying to access the images on an EXT. HD that gives me the "files are assiciated with another catalog message".


      Windering if importing that catalogue would help?



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