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    Better method for newspaper editing


      I've been able to make some news articles and export them to PDF with pleasing results and have been improving my efficiency with each completed document, but feel that there is a better way of doing it still.  Basically, what I'm making are articles that have about two to three images embedded in each article, and have maybe two to three jump lines which redirect the reader to other pages. 


      I have about 35 articles total.  Is there a way to enter them all into InDesign, add appropriate images and captions to the articles, and add appropriate jump lines (if there's a way to add meta data to each article and specify a "jump line title" variable that will automatically fill in before "Next Page Number" / "Previous Page Number")?  So that way, I can pick and choose which articles to add to each newsletter volume instead of undertaking the laborious task of adding an article and having to manually edit every component.