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    Flash Player no longer using the 'speaker fill' option in Windows.


      The latest update of Flash Player breaks the 'speaker fill/sound enchancement' feature of Windows. i.e whenever I play some online videos only 2 of 6 speakers will output sound. Previously all 6 (1 Subwoofer + 5 speakers) used to play audio. I can confirm the issue with both Chrome & Firefox (I was using an older build of Flash Player 11.x in Firefox so the Audio was fine but when I upgraded to 11.3.x the compatibility was broken). So how am I supposed to fix this issue?

      It's not a software/driver error btw as everything else works fine, audio from Media Player or any other sound application will play on all speakers.


      In short worlds: This newer version of Flash player just 'bypasses' the 'System Effects/Speaker Fill/Sound Enchancements' of Windows. It just plays the audio directly but on only 2 Speakers since my System requires these 'System Effects/Speaker Fill/Sound Enchancements' to ouput sound on all speakers. So why did adobe change this?