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    PSE 10 suddenly incompatibility in Windows 7

    Susan XXX

      Yesterday I used PSE 10 in WIndows 7 home edition w/o any problems.  It had been transferred from an XP machine and running with XP service pack 2 compatibility, and I have been running it almost daily w/o any problems for about 3 months. 


      This morning when I tried to open PSE 10 I got error message:

          " Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Program C:\ProgramFile (X86........    this file has requested

               the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way"


      When I ran PSE troubleshooting, it returned "Incompatible Application Detected", telling me that PSE 10 was incompatible with my version of Windows. However, I have not made any changes to Windows. 


      I tried to change the compatibility (rt-click on PSE desktop icon/properties/compatibility), experimenting with Windows 7, XP service pack 2 and XP service pack 3, but they all return exactly the same error.


      I don't have an install disk for PSE 10 (I downloaded it from the Photoshop web site).  I'm afraid to uninstall it because I'm not sure how I would be able to reinstall it. 


      Any suggestions would be extremely welcome.


      Thank you,    Susan XXX