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    Need Help Running Stored Procedure in ASP


      I have a web page in which I would like to use a query string like http://ereply.us/q/l.asp?id=383966476


      This takes the user to a page with the following code:


      <!-- #include file="database_connection.asp" -->
      if not isempty(request.querystring("id")) then
        sql="exec dbo.fp_qr_code @sequence =(request.querystring("id"))"
      if rs.state=1 then rs.close
         rs.open sql,conn,3,2
         if rs.recordcount<>0 then
           session("name") = rs("name")
        session("jobid") = rs("jobid")
        session("seq") = rs("seq")
      if rs("id")<>"" then response.Redirect("index.asp")
      end if
      end if


      This queries a SQL database to return the "Name" value. In turn, as the code implies the user should be directed to "Index.asp" which contains:


      Welcome  <% response.write(session("name"))%>


      And the page should render the page with "Welcome Name".  Instead I get a 500 Server Error.  The Stored Procedure works as a stand-alone query in SQL Management Studio.


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.