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    Is there a 'strict' shape tweening mode?


      I'm actually using shape tweening more and more for various character animation projects but am finding that the engine introduces tons of vertices when what I really want is a more precise mode where vertice A in frame one goes to vertice A in frame 5, vertice B to vertice B, and so on, and so forth. Instead, flash introduces tons of intermediary vertices where it thinks it would make a transition. I'm sure this makes things simple for the novice, but I'm at a point now where I'm creating shapes with a specific amount of vertices and using the bezier tools to create the most optimized shape as possible which I'm hoping would make flashes job easier.


      It would be really *REALLY* useful if there was a stricter mode for people who actually want to animate by editing vertices instead of shapes. Is there a way to prevent the engine from creating new points or is there some plugin that can help? Any help would be appreciated, I'm on a strict deadline and this is creating more work.