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    CS5 Ecore stops responding on startup


      I am running Windows 7 Home Preminum on an HP 17 Envy Laptop. Windows, drivers and CS5 are up to date.


      Encore stops responding on start up, Windows search for a solution and closes Encore. All other CS5 Pro programs function normally.


      I have tried all solutions offered on forums under the search "Adobe encore has stopped working on startup" including repairing Encore and re-installing Encore. This seems to be a common problem andthat no one has solution to fix it. I even tried installing the Roxio update that was suggested.


      Apparenty this problem started with CS4 and has continued to CS6.


      We are on a four month motor home trip and I need Encode for the documentry that I am working on. Encore did work for a while.


      Is not Adobe interested in solving this recurring problem?


      I am willing to let Adobe remotely log into my computer if it would help resolve this problem.


      I can be contacted via email at jimraija@earthlink.net.