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    First iOS game released! - 'What The Game'

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      Hello guys. This forum has helped me a lot in terms of lurking, searching and browsing. Yet I haven’t had anything to contribute with yet, as I am still learning to develop mobile applications.

      I am here today, to inform you about my first “game”, which has just been released into the iOS App Store. It was built using Flash CS5.5, and all of the coding are done in the timeline. Performance is enhanced dramatically in v. 1.1 which is awaiting approval from Apple.



      What The Game? v. 1.0  - v. 1.1 is on the way.



      Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/what-the-game/id515951974?l=nb&ls=1&mt=8


      This game is simple. Find out what you have to do, in order to complete each level.

      Lots of fun levels, and more coming, for FREE!

      Features include:
      * Several, challenging levels!
      * Mind boggling puzzles!
      * Great fun for the whole family!
      * Highscore!
      * Music and sound effects!
      * Great relief and satisfaction upon completion!


      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wtgMobile


      Here is a couple of the screenshots which I have published together with the app:

      http://bildr.no/thumb/1187904.jpeg http://bildr.no/thumb/1187905.jpeg  http://bildr.no/thumb/1187906.jpeg



      If any of you would like to try out the game, and give feedback to me in any way/shape or form, that would be great. Here is 5 unique promo codes, if anyone wants. Please post if you have used a code.