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    Authorize Computer


      When I try to authorize my computer I get "Activation Server error code: E_AUTHO_NOT_READY".  I have authorized previous versions of Digital Editions.

      Anybody get this error code and if so, is there a way to authorize the computer?

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          YJ_Yi Adobe Employee

          The error code you see indicates unable to contact the server, or unable to extract the Authorization Service information from the response.


          If you have authorized Digital Editions 1.7, normally you don’t need to authorize Digital Editions 1.8 again because they share the same authorization information. Are you running both 1.7 and 1.8 concurrently? Did you authorize Digital Editions 1.7 anonymously or namely? Can you please share more information about what have been done before authorizing Digital Editions 1.8?

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            hoosierdaddy1960 Community Member

            I have authorized digital editions 1.7.  It shows my nook and nook color.

            Digital Editions 1.8 will not let authorize.  Maybe, I will try and

            uninstall 1.8 then reinstall it.  I authorized 1.7 with my adobe id.  I

            haven't done too much with digital editions, I have put on my nook maybe 1

            or 2 library books but that is it.

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              tnsprin Community Member

              I am seeing the same.  1.7 is installed and still says authorized.   1.8.3 says its not authorized and says

              This computer is Authorized without an ID

              Opering Adobe DRM protected item on this computer will make the item only readable on this particular computer. This item will not be readable on other computers or devces and wont be able to be restored from backup if you ever need to re-install your OS.


              To change this computer's authorization to be associated with an Adobe ID, dick on the Continue button


              If you hit continue and try and enter your id and password you get the

              E_AUTH_NOT_READY mesage with Digital Editions encountered an error on the activation server.


              Since 1.8 still is not complete, I am not ready to remove 1.7 yet.