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    Flash stopped working in Firefox


      Hi there,


        I have


      - Flash player (

      - Firefox (13.0, as of this morning)

      - (64 bit) Windows 7 Professional


        Flash no longer works (in IE or Firefox, fine in Chrome) - I don't know if this happened as the result of an update. I have tried uninstalling Flash (and Firefox), deleting the contents of the various Flash-related folders, and re-installing, but to no avail. After installing Flash player again, this page:




      briefly shows some Flash once, but if I return to it this no longer works, there's just a blank space that's eventually replaced with a banner ad.


        Anyone got any tips as to how to get this running again?




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          I'm glad someone else is having the same issue.  I thought I was going crazy!  The odd thing about it is that some pages with flash work while others that worked the day before the Firefox 13.0 update do not.  Just an ampty space where the flash should be. 


          I'm on XP sp3 

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            tobymathews Level 1

            I thought it was all Flash, but I've just checked and I can see some Flash too. I can see the Flash on this page:




            but not this one:




            how about you?


              I wonder if it's related to how the Flash is added to the page?



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              farberama Level 1

              It's backwards for me. I CAN see http://magazine.toyota.co.uk/#/home but NOT http://www.flashexample.com.


              But, I think you're right about how it might be related to how the flash is embedded on the page.  I can see all the videos on YouTube but none of the ones from this page http://www.rtideas.com/flash/.  It's like the Flash object isn't being loaded for some reason.  I can't even right click in the space where the flash should be.


              Everything works fine on Chrome.


              Anyone else having this issue or have an idea of how to correct this problem?

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                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                I took a look at this on a Lenovo W500 running Win7 x64 SP1  and Flash Player, and I'm unable to reproduce the problem on either of the sites listed above.


                There are two reasons that I think this might be happening:

                1.) Your system is low on memory.  Flash Player will silently exit if it doesn't have enough memory to clean up, and sees that it's going to run out.


                To test this, reboot.  If the issue persists after reboot, it's not resource-related.


                2.) There's something up with hardware acceleration.  You can test this by disabling hardware acceleration.


                Right-Click on a SWF

                Choose Settings

                Click the Left-Most tab

                Uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration


                If the problem goes away, make sure you have the latest video card drivers installed.


                If the issue perists after that, please file a bug here: http://bugbase.adobe.com


                Please include the output of dxdiag (Start > Run > dxdiag) in the bug.


                Finally, there's a public beta of Flash Player 10.3 available for download.  It would be interesting to know if you're seeing this problem on that version as well.




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                  tobymathews Level 1

                  Today is has (magically) started working again, no idea why though?

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                    farberama Level 1

                    It is for me, too!  that's so weird! 


                    I did get a message saying that Mozilla ActiveX control and plugin support was blocked.  Maybe that was causing the problem.

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                      jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                      Yeah, I got the automatic update to Firefox 13 yesterday.  There's a good chance you were automatically upgraded overnight.  (You can check in About > Firefox for the version)


                      It would be interesting to know if the problem you're seeing is caused by a disabled add-on.  You can check by looking under Tools > Add-Ons > Extensions.

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                        I tried to put the new update to flash player into firefox 12 .. it wouldn't install. updated firefox to 13. flash player still won't install. I had flash player before in 12.


                        Now I have no flash in firefox!  don't know if older version would work.. but the list of older versions don't specify ie9 or firefox???


                        Hope adobe fixes this. I called them but they want $39 to help me. ... and it sounds like it is their program that is the problem.!



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                          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                          Flash player definitely works in Firefox.  We test it extensively.


                          Here's a good troubleshooting guide:



                          If you're still stuck after that, make sure that you don't have any firefox extensions (flashblock, etc) running that might interfere with your ability to run Flash content.  Having JavaScript enabled is also generally required.

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                            chrisc59802590 Adobe Employee

                            As a last ditch troubleshooting step, creating a new profile seems to help many users.


                            Make a new profile

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                              Evan (from Manhattan) Level 1

                              Dear Chris:


                              Yes, turning off Protected Mode indeed solves the problem!


                              Specifically, we today (June 9, 2012) installed the new Adobe Flash v. 11.3.300.257 on several Windows 7 PC's, all running Firefox v. 14 (Beta), and none of the Firefox installations would confirm that the installation was performed successfully.  For example, the Adobe Flast test/about site, https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about, would not work.  And, likewise, YouTube videos and other Flash-encoded videos did not work either.


                              So, we tried your suggestion to disable the new Protected Mode, and it worked.  That is, every single machine on which Flash did not work in Firefox now functions perfectly.  So this conclusively demonstrates that there indeed is some kind of bug in the implementation of Protected Mode.


                              Can you please let me and the other Adobe users know when this is fixed.  Thanks.


                              Also, could you likewise let us know the risks of turning of Protected Mode (although we really don't have any choice, as Flash will not work on Firefox with PM turned on).


                              Thank you.  Much appreciated.


                              Kind regards,

                              Evan Katz

                              (formerly Contributing

                              Editor of  Personal

                              Computing Magazine)

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                                claverhouse01 Level 1

                                Flash definitely does not work after the Firefox 13 update and most recent Flash update - Youtube is now dead, and the only way I have been able to view anything is by restarting the PC but even then I get to watch one item then Flash stops working again. It does work in Chrome so you obviously have a compatibility issue with the most recent version of Firefox. The fact that this forum is suggesting disabling protected mode as a temp answer to Flash/Firefox compatibility proves Adobe knows they have a problem, maybe their time would be better spent creating a fix rather than denying the problem exists?

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                                  I was also having this problem only since the latest flash player update with firefox (I updated to 13 after the problem started to see if that would fix it) win7 64.  First noted the issue with Pandora; however even the flash player information home page were not displaying the flash content (flash player was crashing, noted two instances of it in task manager). 

                                  I can confirm that disabling protected mode gets it working again, but as I understand it disabling protected mode is just a temporary troubleshoot; so I am wary of leaving protected mode off.

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                                    I am still having this issue. Those flash sites mentioned above, I've found that, just as said, one works while the other does not. However, that site that it does work on seems to be the exception, not the rule. It's the only flash I've found that does work.


                                    Also, unlike some of these people, I know EXACTLY when my flash stopped working. I was streaming the DOTA 2 competitions online when the update box came up, encouraging me to update. I put it off for an hour or two, then ran the suggested update, right at the beginning of a match I was very interested in. Well, at the end of the update, Adobe wanted me to reset Firefox, so I did. When I went back to the site, I could no longer stream. I'm fairly computer oriented, growing up in a geek home, so it didn't take me more then 5 minutes to figure out the source of the issue. Upon checking flash on a few other sites, I knew the problem was universal.


                                    I immediately uninstalled 11.3 it and reinstalled the previous version, The flash then worked perfectly again and all was well. This was the 8th I believe.


                                    Well, like an idiot, while doing something else, the update suggestion came up about an hour ago and I allowed it to update. I assumed that this previous issue had been universal, so naturally this was a new update that wouldn't have to problem. Oh, how wrong I was. Exactly the same problem has returned. In an effort to correct the problem, as I did before, I tried to resort to a previous version of flash. However, since a few days have past, I can no longer FIND that version. And I am not a happy camper.


                                    I want to that site, where the one flash works, and disabled the accelloration thing in the settings (it should be noted that, for the before mentioned site where flash won't load, you CAN'T right click to get to settings, because there is just a white, empty screen. Right clicking doesn't do anything). I then looked for anything else that might be a problem (for example, I gave the system unlimited data storage).


                                    Also, I am running Firefox 13, just as I was BEFORE your flash update. It was working just fine. Yes, I am sure of that.


                                    No, I don't have any issues with my physical memory space, I have plenty, so that sure isn't the issue either.


                                    Please, figure out what the heck your update screwed up in Firefox and fix it. In the meantime, please send me a copy of the update, so I can actually function again. I know 11.3 has security hole fixes (yes, I read up on it). Screw the "fixes," I just want to be able to use my internet again! I have things I need to get done. Thank you for your product, we are all very grateful for it. However, it is a major problem for me when it stops working suddenly. In the meantime, I have to use Chrome, which I don't prefer, as all my settings are in Firefox.


                                    Thank you for your time, as well as your quick reply.

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                                      thebriancow Level 1

                                      Since that message, I have also tried:


                                      Restarting Firefox (didn't work, as would be expected, due to it not being Firefox's fault)


                                      Disabling my flash blocker (didn't work, would still have been unhappy if it has, as I like flash blocker)


                                      Diabling protective mode:  forums.adobe.com/thread/1018071?tstart=0

                                                I've been unable to make this work. I found mentioned folder for Windows 64bit, but only had 3 folders:






                                                Upon clicking on the blue "mms.cfg.zig" Firefox opened a window, which asked which file to open the file with. If I select

                                                Firefox, it will do the same thing again, just opening another window and asking the same question. However, if I select to open it

                                                with notepad, I see only the following:


                                      PK        {¤È@        .  mms.cfg (Ê/IM.IMñÍOIµ5  PK. ‡ §         PK          {¤È@‡ §         .           mms.cfgPK      5   F

                                                (Text only in appearance)

                                                If I try to save this file into the folder, it will tell me:

                                                                              mms.cfg already exists.

                                                                              Do you want to replace it?


                                                I have check for any hidden files and have been unable to locate any in this folder, so I'm rather confused. Any way you look at it

                                                though, as mentioned before, I'm no ok with getting un update that requires me to manually undo to security protection it was

                                                supposed to upgrade me to. Not ok with it at all.

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                                        tobymathews Level 1

                                        Flash is broken for me again, same as before - very frustrating. It actually only worked for a day.



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                                          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                          Hi Evan,


                                          Thanks for the feedback.  We see the intermittent crashes on Firefox 13 and the issue you're experiencing with Firefox 14.0b6 as distinct issues.  We're investigating both avenues actively, but have been unable to reproduce either problem. 


                                          I'm running Firefox 14.0b6, and Flash Player 11.3.300.257 and I'm not seeing any problems.  I ran our URL loading stress suite over the weekend on FF13 and 11.3.300.257 (it loads a few hundred flash-heavy URLs in a loop every 30 seconds), and it was still running this morning when I walked in.  We have several people looking into the issue now, but none of us are seeing the issue.


                                          It would be helpful to understand more about your configuration and the upgrade workflow you used.


                                          1.) What OS and version are you running (32 or 64-bit)?


                                          2.) Do you have any  security, malware or virus scanners installed?


                                          3.) What active Firefox plug-ins do you have installed?


                                          4.) Did Firefox log any crashes when Flash Player failed to run?  (These would typically be logged under C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\<pending|sumbitted>, and timestamped appropriately)


                                          It would be great to get those logs.  Feel free to PM me, and I'll give you my email address, or add them to a bug at http://bugbase.adobe.com/ and post the bug number.


                                          5.) Did you download Flash Player from the Adobe Product Download Center, then run the installer (install_flashplayer11x32_mssd_aih.exe), or did you do something else?  Also, were you forced to exit firefox before the installation could complete?


                                          6.) Is there anything else you can think of that might be unique about your configuration that we might want to try and replicate?



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                                            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                            Hi Brian,


                                            You can find archived versions of Flash Player here; however, we don't recommend that users roll back because Flash Player updates usually include fixes for known security issues.



                                            The alternative is to disable ProtectedMode temporarily -- Chris's earlier post in this thread includes instructions on how to do that.

                                            More importantly, we want to get this fixed.  Unfortunately, it works fine on our test machines.  Anything you can tell us about your config (see my post to Evan above) would be super helpful in helping us build out a machine that allows us to debug the issue.



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                                              Windows 7 64bit (Home Premium)

                                              Firefox 13


                                              Yesterday everything was fine, today started machine and was prompted with an Adobe update. Was previously on (fine) now on the latest version 11.3.300.257 now have problems.

                                              Firstly youtube videos are actually viewable, until you press play and you recieve the  "An error occurred. Please Try again later." message appears. Other video sites like twitch.tv are just white blank boxes, some other random sites display the videos but when you press play, you then get the white blank box. Also as noted above some Flash seems to work as shown above www.flashexample.com also some Speed test sites that utilise flash just give errors.


                                              I tried Internet Explorer; everything works fine, Google chrome; everything appears fine. I tried Firefox in Safemode and the problem is still present. So from my perspective it seems it's either a compatibility issue of Firefox with the latest update, or vice versa.


                                              I also found this thread on Firefox support section and matty_m (9th post down) found some interesting observations, it thats relevant or helpful at all to any employees here. http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2485319


                                              Obviously I'd like the issue resolved, well duh yea everyone does! However it would be nice if the previous version was available to reinstall ( buts it's not present on the list.

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                                                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                                Thanks for the feedback.


                                                Do you have Win7 Service Pack 1 installed?

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                                                  Warden01 Level 1

                                                  Win7 Service Pack 1 is installed.

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                                                    jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                                    Do you have RealPlayer, and/or the RealPlayer Browser Recorder PlugIn for Firefox installed?

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                                                      Warden01 Level 1

                                                      Yes I have both RealPlayer and Browser Recorder Plugin installed.

                                                      • 26. Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox
                                                        jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                                        Please try the following -- it should resolve the problem and allow you to use Protected Mode.


                                                        1.) Remove the ProtectedMode=0 line from your mms.cfg

                                                        2.) Uninstall RealPlayer from Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features


                                                        Or, if you'd like to do a quick test without actually uninstalling it:


                                                        1.) Kill the process "realsched.exe"

                                                             To do this, hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and choose Start Task Manager

                                                             Sort by Image Name

                                                             Click on realsched.exe and click End Process


                                                        2.) Disable the Firefox Extension "RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin"

                                                             Open Firefox

                                                             Click the firefox menu button in the upper left of the screen

                                                             Click Add-Ons

                                                             Select Extensions

                                                             Click RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin and click Disable


                                                        3.) Exit Firefox


                                                        4.) Open Firefox, Go to Youtube and play a video

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                                                          Warden01 Level 1

                                                          Unfortunately still encountering the same problem.

                                                          • 28. Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox
                                                            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                                            FWIW, Mozilla is seeing the same issue:



                                                            You might want to fully uninstall and reboot, just to make sure it's unloaded.

                                                            • 29. Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox
                                                              Warden01 Level 1

                                                              Uninstalled Realplayer, and rebooted. All Flash functionality has resumed for FireFox 13 (Youtube, twitch.tv etc). Thank you kind sir for your time and effort!


                                                              So I guess the conflict is between Realplayer and Flash on Firefox? or some combo of the 3.


                                                              One more thing out of curiosity now that I notice, since looking at my task manager from the previous step should I have 2 processes of "FlashPlayerPlugin_11_3_300_257.exe*32" running?

                                                              • 30. Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox
                                                                jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                                                The issue is with RealPlayer.  There's a more detailed explanation in that Mozilla bug I linked to.


                                                                The two processes indicate that you're successfully running in Protected Mode. 


                                                                There's an excellent explanation of the technical details here, if you're interested:  http://blogs.adobe.com/asset/2012/06/inside-flash-player-protected-mode-for-firefox.html

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                                                                  Warden01 Level 1

                                                                  Well I appreciate the help, and many thanks to you.  If there is an email or address that i can write to, I would happily put your name forward.


                                                                  • 32. Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox

                                                                    I've just followed the instructions to turn off Protected Mode.  This seems to have worked and Flash is now working with Firefox - so far.  But I can't believe that I am expected to go into the system and make this kind of change.  Surely Adobe should be moving heaven and earth to put this right.  How can they release an update which causes this kind of incompatibility problem and then expect the pc user to have to put in some code which makes the system less secure, as a workaround? A google search will soon highlight how many people are suffering from this and, I would suggest, that a very high percentage of them would not be willing to trawl through the Adobe forum and then make changes to their own pc to make it less secure.

                                                                    Please can Adobe let us know when this will be resolved and I can return my pc to its previous more secure state?

                                                                    • 33. Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox

                                                                           Simpler temporary solution (until RealPlayer fixes the problem) which worked for me.  Go into RealPlayer->Preferences->Download & Recording and uncheck the box for Enable Web Download & Recording for these installed browsers.  Too bad there isn't a separate checkbox for each browser.  Anyway, flash videos now works in Firefox for me. 

                                                                           If you want to download and record in another browser like IE or Chrome, then just re-enable that checkbox (but of course flash video will stop working correctly in Firefox again). 

                                                                      • 34. Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox

                                                                        Nobody cares that Flash works on Adobe's test machines; why was it so hard to convince you that this problem is real and affecting thousands of people? And if you need to duplicate the problem so that you can debug it, why can't you just walk next door to Starbuck's and shout out "anybody having trouble with Flash and Firefox?" You'll definitely get a lot of "over here!"


                                                                        I'm guessing that this will ultimately be related to some obscure setting in the Firefox configuration, and the default setting messes things up, and that your test machines are all configured the same and they have modified that obscure setting. Why would you not just build a new Windows 7 machine and install Firefox 13 with all the defaults? I can pretty much guarantee that would allow you to duplicate the problem.

                                                                        • 35. Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox
                                                                          coolram1952 Level 1

                                                                          "The issue is with RealPlayer"? Sounds like you're pointing the finger at them. No, Adobe changed their software, something immediately broke badly, and it's up to Adobe to fix it. Your software is incompatible with RealPlayer/Firefox. Don't expect them to have to change their software, it was working fine before Adobe did whatever they did. And what a terrible workaround: "Our software is broken, but if you tweak your RealPlayer configuration it will work". Talk about bandaids.

                                                                          • 36. Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox
                                                                            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

                                                                            Thanks for the useful feedback!  We'll begin recommending this less-invasive workaround.

                                                                            • 37. Re: Flash stopped working in Firefox
                                                                              Level 1

                                                                              Same problem, but W7 home Edition. 

                                                                              Sine yesterdays Adobe update HTML5 videos all work fine, but Flash Player videos always show "Error Try Later".

                                                                              Did FP uninstall and reinstalled which produced no change.

                                                                              Please fix this.