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    CS6 installed with CS4

    Keith Dodd Level 1

      I have been using cs4 for a few years. Just received CS6.

      Asked rep whether best to uninstall cs4 before installing cs6. He recommended not to uninstall 4, because cs6 would recognize the older program and could actually use some of my older settings (such as Dreamweaver preferences, sites, etc) for the cs6. Said to have my cs4 SN ready to verify.


      When did the cs6, it was a clean install but no reference at all to my older cs4.


      Now, I have both cs6 and cs4 on computer.


      Just talked with support and they said there was no problem with having both versions. Also, if didn't want to have both, I could do a total uninstall of cs4 and that would NOT cause any problems with the cs6.


      I guess my question is to verify that there is no problem with having both versions. AND that there would be no problems to the cs6 if I do do an unstall of the old cs4.


      Also, wondering if any practical advice on best way for me to proceed. I have Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium; and CS4 Web Premium.


      Main programs I use are Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash.


      Appreciate any help, suggestions, etc.