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    How do I get the customer complaint department?



      I am completely and utterly fed up with the customer service department.  I need someone more substantial to contact and to share my complaints with.  I was promised a free upgrade to CS6 from 5.5 before the time period on which the free upgrades actually started.  Customer service keeps telling me I'm ineligible.  However, I saved the conversation and have the proof that I was promised the upgrade, so it doesn't mean a thing that I bought it prior to the eligible date.  Either the customer service agent that promised me the free upgrade lied to me or was not knowledgeable.  Either way that is unacceptible and the fact that the customer service keeps acting like it's my problem is ridiculous.  What kind of business allows their customer service to make promises and then doesn't follow through.  If Adobe didn't have a monopoly on design software they wouldn't so readily treat customers as disposable objects.