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    Index - pages

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      I have a pdf document that i created in Corel Draw X5.

      I would like to make the shearching work easier. Through index they could click on the number or title to go immediately to that page.

      How do i do that?

      I have to creat all index in Acrobat? Or do i do everything in Corel, convert it to pdf and in Acrobat just add javascripts?


      Hope someone can help me?:)



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          LilianaN Level 1

          I found the solution:


          1) Select the text that you want linked (i've selected all title and the page number on Index, that i created in Corel draw);

          2) Click right bottom of your mouse and select "Create link";

          3) Choose the characteristics you want and then click "Next";

          4) Keep the small automatic window open and go to the page you want to link;

          5) Now you can click on that small automatic window.

          And it's done, you just have to repeat this steps for all items on your index:)


          Basically, you don't need to creat javascripts as i thought.