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    Imported .dae or .kmz files aren't visible

    davadam Level 1

      I'm trying to import a couple of models from the google warehouse into Photoshop CS5 extended.


      They open without an error, but aren't visible.


      I tried following this KB article: http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/imported-3d-models-display-incorrectly.html


      The script throws a syntax error:

      Line: 68

      ->      var Construct0r = function() { };


      I've also stepped through the parts of the model in the 3d palette looking for elements that have the opacity set incorrectly, but they all seem to be set to 100%.


      I see the kb article is from january 2011; Is there a newer version of that script, or more current advice on how to solve this problem?