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    PPro CS6 Blurriness

    aldjlaidjflaewifjla Level 1

      I think my issue may or may not be related to this discussion:




      I'm having some serious issues with output from PPro CS6. The screenshots below should illustrate the issue very well.


      This first pic is using the Mercury Playback Engine (MPE) with hardware acceleration. This is with the video paused. This is how the video should look. Notice how sharp and clear the picture and text are:




      This next pic is still using MPE hardware, but the video is now playing. Notice how the text gets soft and the picture gets very grainy:




      Due to the title being on this sequence, even with MPE hardware enabled, I get a red line over the title. So this next pic is after I rendered the timeline (using ENTER key render only) with the video paused. The picture looks better, but still slightly soft - at least the horrible grain is gone. BUT, now the text is very blurry and there were artifacts introduced to the lower third around the text.




      Next is the same same MPE hardware enabled, rendered sequence, but now it's playing - not much difference, but ever so slightly softer:



      The next pic is with MPE software only, paused, unrendered. Everything is now softer, and the pic gets blurry and darker. Actually, everything gets a bit darker and for some reason, the drop shadow on the pic turns almost black:




      Next is with MPE software only, playing, unrendered. Everything still dark, but now the pic is full of grain:



      Next is with MPE software only, paused, and now rendered. Still dark, but grain is gone from picture. Text is now blurry with artifacts around it:




      And last, with MPE software only, rendered and playing. No difference from the previous 'paused' state:







      Obviously, something is broken in PPro CS6! This is really cramping my style. I'm also having a lot of trouble with crawling titles - they are stuttering and blurring when moving across the screen. This actually applies to any graphics moving across the screen, not just titles.


      Anyway, I really hope Adobe fixes this soon...it would make my life much easier!