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    DPS Analytics Query - Any Advice?


      Can anyone offer insight into why the Folio download data within DPS Analytics differs so greatly to the App Download data within AppFigures? I understand the differences in data collection between the two and I get that the metrics are unlikely to ever match 100% but what I don't understand is why AppFigures tells me I have 1042 App downloads and DPS Analytics tells me I only have 347 folio downloads? Surely such a discrepancy has a valid explanation other than excluding download to desktop from iTunes and failure to successfully launch? Any advice or recommendation would be hugely appreciated.

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          Martin Lér Community Member

          Our opinion is, that customer will just download app and will never download content. Don't have any better so far.

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            Johannes Eckert Community Member

            that is the most biggest problem with multi folio apps. there should be

            initial content included to provide a sense of the content without the need

            to download a 1-gig-folio and wait for half an hour before seeing any




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              kellys2012 Community Member

              Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my query. I appreciate all opinions. The following points however make this case slightly more confusing…

              1. The App in question contains a single folio
              2. The folio is only 445 MB on the iPad 3
              3. The folio is FREE to download
              4. The folio is a Magazine that already has an established readership in print.


              Based on the above, I find it hard to believe that of the 1042 who downloaded the App, well over 600 neglected to download the FREE folio.


              Any other suggestions would be welcomed!

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                Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

                I'm definitely not an expert in this area, but keep in mind:


                1) Users may start your app downloading then move on to other things and forget about it. I know I've done this with apps numerous times.

                2) They may see they have to download the free folio, start the download, navigate away from the app, and then forget about it. I believe this is what Johannes means when he says it's the "biggest problem" with multi-folio apps.

                3) We'll only report a folio download once the full folio has been downloaded. It's possible that your users are starting the folio download, viewing the folio as soon as enough has come down to open it (but not the full folio), then leaving the app. If they don't continue the download that partial download won't be reflected in your totals.



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                  mobly Community Member

                  I'm curious then. So this is a Multi-issue App, with one folio (magazine included) Does the initial App not count as a download in the DPS analytics? If not then I agree with Neil, I think lots of people download the App "shell" then - which downloads really quickly, then they see they have another big chunky thing to download, so do'nt bother even if it's free! I have!!




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                    Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

                    The DPS analytics don't count download of the app as a download. We have no way of knowing when the app is downloaded, that's something Apple tracks.



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                      mobly Community Member

                      What happens with single issue then? I havent looked at my analytics data for a while now, so is it just articles etc, I was sure there was an overall download figure in there! I'm off to check :-)

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                        Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

                        Let me know what you find out. I'm not sure how we handle it for SE