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    Pan & Zoom, can't go to next stack

    Neele Meier


      we've a big problem. In our folio we built Pan & Zoom-Overlays over the whole size. Now we can't go to the next stack. We can't touch and move the folio wheather on iPad2 nor on iPad3. In our last published folios there was no problem.

      What can we do?

      Thanks for your ideas.



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Neele – by the "next stack", do you mean the next article, the next page on that article?

          For v20 of the tools what is working (tested right now):

          Create navigation elements (buttons) that lead to the next/prvious page and/or article.
          I used the "navto://articlename#pagenumber-1" by URL approach.


          Place those buttons inside scrollable frames.

          Scrollable frames will stay in front of the frame with the image you could pan & zoom.

          Set the scroll direction to "None"
          Set the scroll indicators to "None"


          See the following steps by screen grabs (German UI):


          1. Background frame with image set to Pan & Zoom, above it a scrollable frame with a button inside



          2. Second step to define the scrollable frame:




          3. Define your button with the appropriate target. In my case a "navto://articlename#pagenumber-1"




          4. Preview in the Adobe Content Viewer of the page pressing (tabbing) the button

          (Don't care about the other elements around the image; just other elements I played around with)




          5. Preview in Adobe Content Viewer: using the pan effect of the frame that holds the image (scrollable frame with the button stays on top, buton is still working)





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            mobly Level 3

            Are you saving your files as PDF?  PDF files now stop interaction with interactive areas, is they become dead space for App navigation.

            If you are able to save these articles as jpg/png etc then they will work as they did before (well ive not tried it in v20) but let me know if that works