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        JETalmage Level 6
        function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

        we have to say there were 3 methods in this original forum pot... because there are



        Excuse me? You "have to"? Why do you "have to" mention a specific informal thread in an open user-to-user forum at all on your commercial site?


        function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

        You will also perhaps see that I clearly state the the methods here are free and praise them.



        And what makes you assume I desire any notoriety from mention on your commercial site? Just because you couch it as [gratuitous and patronizing] praise?


        I agree completely with Jacob's assessment that "non mentioning" constitutes mentioning. As far as his suggested edits, though, I would go much further:

        Several methods exist for determining the area of a vector path in Illlustrator: Third-party plug-ins designed specifically for the purpose exist. Illustrator's built-in scripting support provides access to the area property of pathItems. There's even a little-known "easter egg" built into the program itself which can be invoked by [the keyboard shortcuts]. Did you know that Phantasm CS Publisher can also be used to find the area of a selection? Here's how: [Description of YOUR method only].

        But, of course, that straightforward and appropriate treatment is much shorter. It doesn't fill up your "blog" with others' content as if it's some kind of know-all-end-all resouce about finding the area of a path. It doesn't explicity compare your product's methods with an entirely non-commercial, off-the-cuff approach offered by an individual in an informal user-to-user forum, who may not want your self-serving "praise," no matter how "flattering" you try to make it.


        I frequently get requests from individuals, commercial sites, and authors to link to or make mention of my scripts web content. I've always turned them down. My reasons are my own; they are valid, and I don't have to explain or justify them to anyone. The point is, it is customary to ask before you appropriate someone else's web content in a thinly-veiled attempt to add value to yours.



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          CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          yet another "super secret" way


          select an item in Illustrator, fire up the ESTK, link to Illustrator and drill down to show the selection.area property


          or, just type selection[0].area in the console



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            Hi Jacob, everybody


            ..restarting messages on this thread.

            We did since last August quite a few cardiac MRI patients using the telegraphics plug-in and it is working great. Nice resolution, quite affordable price in comparison with what medical companies offer.

            Again what we do is to copy and paste images from the MRI machine (via a CD) in Illustrator, trace the surface areas of the heart slices recorded by the machine and then calculate various metrics used by cardiologists (most important is the "ejection fraction", which measure the pumping function of the two lower chambers: either the right or the left ventricle).


            There are two tedious steps in this process. One is the copy and paste and the other is the contouring.


            I was wandering wether I can have a way automatize the first function. Specifically it would be nice to have a tool to export a set of images (and one can input values in regards to what series of images one wants to export) from DICOM media (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) to Illustrator. Any ideas if there are any plug-ins available, or if one can be created.


            This is slighly unrelated to this thread so probably I will start another one... called "Is there a way to: Export images from DICOM media into Illustrator?"



            Regards and thanks




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              Just wanted to thank you for the script.  Saved the day and a lot of work for me !

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                Jet - regarding the polarity - i downloaded the telegraph plugin - it works fine - but when the path contains a hole in it, the calculation takes into acount the whole plus the hole - do you think this the polarity issue?

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                  JETalmage Level 6



                  I don't know anything about the Telegraphics plug-in.



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                    Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                    Patharea adds the areas within the selected paths.


                    To get the area round the hole, you may Direct Select the outer path and apply the Patharea Filter (which will give you the total area within the outer path), do the same for the inner path (which will give you the total area within the inner path, in other words the hole), and subtract the latter from the former.

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                      Asaf.Meir.Barziv Level 1

                      Thanks, but I'm looking for an easy way to calculate the ink coverage (we are using ilustrator to design flexo printing, and the files are built with many different paths), so perhaps i will contact telegraphics or, instead, try to enhance the script that Jet introduced (to my opinion - the polarity property is the key).

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                        Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        In this case you could take a look at:


                        http://www.excourse.com/presspercent/index.html (Mac only AFAIK)


                        or Phantasm CS (it has an Ink Coverage Preview)

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                          I'd just like to remind everyone that Photoshop has a built-in measuring tool  for area, perimeter, etc. and can save the results to a file which can be imported in Excel.

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