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    Cannot install PE10 in Win 7 C:\Program Files




      i have been using various versions, including PE10, of Photo Elements on a Win XP machine for years.


      I recently acquired a new pc: Win 7 (installed from genuine MS CD), i7 2600, 16 Gb memory. 


      I re-downloaded (from Adobe My Account) PE10 (including installer) but when I tried to run Set Up in either C:\Program Files (64x and other) folders I received message that I was not empowered/authorized to access these folders.  I am the owner and only user of this pc.


      How can I install PE10 where it should be: C:\Program Files ?


      Only applications (which automatically installed faultlessly in C:\Program Files folder) presently installed are MS Office 2003 and DXO Optics Pro 7.5.


      Thank you