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    problem with printing pdf




      HI, i ve got a big problem.
      i 've to create an A0 page in vectorial pdf, which has connected different files: .psd files for the images with transparency, and vectorial .pdf for the drawings from cad.

      When i ve created my page, i export that in print pdf high quality.


      1° problem: sometimes it fails and tells me there s not enough memory
      2° problem: when print pdf is created, the plotter can t load it to print, it stops at 40% loading.

      there s a way to make an easy vectorial print pdf?

      using vectorial eps instead of vectorial pdf?


      using transparent tiff instead of psd?




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Sorry, I don't speak, or write, Italian.


          The out of memory error suggests to me that the problem is most likely with the vector graphics, especially since they are coming from cad. I suspect they have too many points for InDesign to handle.


          EPS is not a better choice, but there are some possible things for you to try. First would be to open the cad drawings in Illustrator and see if they can be simplified and saved as .ai or PDF from there. Second would be to export in pieces, but that probably is not possible for your project, which sounds like a large poster and only one page.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            It occurs to me that you might also want to try saving the vector drawings in a raster format instead.

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              Corcy86 Level 1

              thank you for the fast reply Peter. Im working on an achitecture poster for my last exam, and it contains vector graphics sometimes overlayed on raster images.
              i don t like to use illustrator too, im using 3 programs already to create this poster. do u think .ai are easier than eps???


              i ve tryed to save new pdf without layers, but it didn t work. then i ve tryed to change pdf with eps on indesign, and now the print pdf saving is really faster. im gonna try to plot it and then i ll tell u what s changed.
              OH most important, i was drag n dropping pdf into indesign, and i read it s really wrong! so now i import vector eps to indesign ...
              Plot test...



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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                There is nothing inherently bad about .eps, but it is an older format and isn't always as successful in InDesign as using native formats from Photoshop or Illustrator.


                It depends where you drag and drop from whehter the results will be good or bad. Drag and drop from Bridge, Mac Finder and Windows Explorer are the same as File > Place... from othe sources it's the same as copy/paste.

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                  Corcy86 Level 1

                  well this time i can say eps wins on pdf. the lines in plot are perfect and file has been printed fast, without fail.
                  i ll shout loud EPS RULES!!!



                  (maybe ai files would be the best, but i ve no more time to try...)

                  thank you peter!