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    Designing for the iPad 3 Questions

    joekidd191919 Level 1

      Hi Guys,

      I am currently working on designing a digital magazine intended for the iPad 3.


      When I design my psd working files at 1536 x 2048px at 300 ppi and then place them in the indesign file they appear to be about half the size that I would think they should be. So I exported the page as a PDF from indesign and then opened it in photoshop. When opened it's dimensions were 5588 x 7453 px at 300 ppi. So I saved this and placed it back in indesign and it appears to fit correctly.


      This seems funny to me as it ends up being larger than a print publication. It ends up being around 21" x 29".


      I know I must be doing something wrong but if I could please get a little bit of help it would be great.


      I guess my basic question is how should I set my psd files up when designing for the iPad 3?