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    Why does Photoshop display colors differently from the other applications even in sRGB mode ?

    yannick1976 Level 1

      Hello all !


      Here is my problem :


      Photoshop is set to use sRGB workspace (in edit/colors.../workspace/RVB).

      If I understand correctly this is how all native windows applications work.

      This means Photoshop and the other applications should display the same colors on a file with a sRGB profile.

      Now this is the case until I calibrate my monitor.


      When I do, Photoshop colors become different from the other applications (irfanview, explorer, browsers...).

      The only way I found to let everything display the same colors is to set Photoshop to use Proofing/RVB Monitor.

      What upsets me even more is that Photoshop colors look "better" to me (dark grays seem to dark to me in the other applications.)


      I have read that this is because Photoshop takes the new profile into account and others applications do not. But I don't think this is relevant here because everything is in sRGB so the only profile is my monitor's and I think calibration is handled globally by windows : everything (including browsers, explorer, and Photoshop) changes color if I choose to apply the monitor's profile or not with windows color management tool ("use my parameters for this device").


      Here is my system configuration :

      - Photoshop CS4 (11.0.2)

      - Windows 7 64 bits

      - HP ZR2440W and DELL 2209WA (these are not wide gamut screens)


      I have spent two days trying to figure the logics behind this and really am upset. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Don't hesitate to ask me if there is something that is unclear or some information I forgot to mention.


      Thanks in advance,