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    AI document is opening with a blank window??


      I have a customer that sent me some Illustrator files (.ai) that, when I open them, they open with just a blank window and a box with no fill or stroke around the outside of the document. I am using Illustrator CS4 and I suspect this may be an Illustrator CS6 document but I didn't get any warnings when I opened it so I'm not sure. (I also don't know what version of Illustrator the original creator is using). The document sizes are large (35MB +) so there should be SOME content in them. I've tried making sure nothing is hidden and there are no layers that are turned off. I've also tried opening the files in Acrobat CS4 with no luck.

      Does anyone have an idea of what might be going on?



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          MW Design Level 4

          One quick means of checking is to open the AI file in a text editor. You will see a line down just a little way such as:


          <xmp:CreatorTool>Adobe Illustrator CS5.1</xmp:CreatorTool>


          If they are CS6, consider the upgrade or at least download the trial to work with them. Might get you through the job.


          Take care, Mike

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            MKMGraphics Level 1

            Ok, I still havent figred this out, but I may have a bit more info. I downloaded Acrobat Reader (10.1.3) and tried to open each of the 3 files that I'm having trouble with in it.

            None of them open with anything other than a blank page. I did look at the Properties window though and it says that the ai files were made by Illustrator CS5.1, PDF Producer: Adobe PDF library 9.0, PDF version 1.5 (Acrobat 6.x)

            Does this help anyone know what might be going on?

            I've been able to open CS5 files before using Acrobat Pro or Preview these are the first ones I've had an issue with.


            Also, when I try to open them in Reader, one of the three files causes it to hang up with a dialogue box that says "There was an error processing a pate. There was a problem reading this document (20).

            If I click ok, the box just pops back up over and over and I have for force quit reader to get out of it.

            Any help would be appreaciated!


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              MKMGraphics Level 1


              It does indeed say they are Illustrator CS5.1 documents. I've been able to open CS5 docs either with CS4, Acrobat Pro or Preview until now. I've even tried Distiller. Do you have any idea why these won't open with anything other than a blank page?


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                Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Any way to put one on a file sharing site for us to look at?

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                  MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If they saved the AICS5 file with pdf compatibility, then you should be able to place it AICS4.


                  Or you could download the CS5 or CS6 trial, open the file and save down.

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                    MW Design Level 4

                    Hi Kris--sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread.


                    As Larry mentioned, a look at the file would be incredibily helpful. If it is sensitive, consider still uploading it to dropbox.com or another file sharing site that can handle large documents and contact one of us via a private message (click on one of our names and in the right-hand panel there is a link for sending a PM).


                    It sounds like there are either elements that CS4 and Acrobat cannot cope with in the file (seems a tad unlikely that one of them cannot at least open the PDF data if it was thus saved that way) or there is something corrupt in the file. Trying to open it in CS6 (would require you to download and install it) would be the quickest means of finding out. Else one of us opening it in CS5.1 or CS6 would probably be needed.


                    Take care, Mike

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                      I have the same issue but with CS6 - when opening some older files from CS4/CS5 I'm getting this dialog box, and after that just a blank artboard is opened.




                      This happens with certain files, not all of them.


                      Here is one of the files in question: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1342341/mesf-logo.ai


                      Thanks in advance for your help

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                        Luke Jennings Level 4

                        Could there be a white box on top of everything? (view> overprint preview, or select and delete it)

                        It sounds like there were several artboards created in CS5 and CS4 is only showing you the first (blank) one, although CS4 should warn you and let you pick which artboard to keep when opening for the first time.

                        Is CS4 updated to the latest patch?

                        Your file might be corrupt, can you retrieve the file again and start with a fresh file?

                        When you open the original file in Acrobat, are you sure there is not more than one page, with the first page being blank?

                        A trial download of CS6 is a good idea, if your OS can handle it.

                        Have you tried placing it into InDesign?