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    Player type

    Pea Community Member
      Hi all,

      When developing Flash Lite games and other content from NTT DoCoMo handsets, what 'player type' is used on the phone?

      I would assume 'standalone player', however, in flash (Device Settings) when I select 'standalone player' from the 'content type' dropdown, no NTT DoCoMo phones are available. As well as this, 'standalone player' is not mentioned on the Adobe flash enabled handset list for NTT DoCoMo phones.

      How are flash lite games played on Japanese handsets?

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          Im a content developer making flash applications in Tokyo, Japan.
          The Emulator does not help when i test on the emulator. If you use the scrollbox for emulators, use "addressbook" or the very top selection. Do not rely on the emulator list if you are working on phones in japan. Also, Standalones dont work here. I think that the Flash emulator was designed for Western developers although we have more flash-enabled phones than anywhere in the world.
          As for the player type, we mostly have FL 1.1. We just recently worked with a FL 2 enabled phone last week, but it only handles FlashLite 5, 6, and 7 AS 1 ONLY. We thought that they were supposed to be AS2-enabled, but they are not.
          Flash games are NOT wanted here in japan cause we cannot use the "left" button on the navigation pad. even with FL2. Games are not popular for flash-enabled phones.
          I hope that i helped you!
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            Pea Community Member
            Hi Imodejon,

            Thanks for the reply. I have been working on a couple of FL2.0 phones, and I have no problem with AS2.0 content here. These phones are the Nokia N70 and the Nokia 3230.

            What is the reason for not being able to use the 'left' navigation key? Is this a common problem (across all Japanese handsets)?

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              imodejon Community Member
              Sorry for the late reply.
              We try to comply with all mobile phones in japan. Only softbank phone (vodafone) like nokias only support 4-way navigation. This carrier only supplies less than 1/3 of mobile phones in japan. Docomo and AU (the other major carriers in japan) do not have the softkeys or 4-way navigation. This was the carriers choice. Also, there are only a few phones at this time that support AS2.0 and it isnt doing so well for me at this time hence testing now.
              My advice is to stay away from 4-way navigation at this point. it may change later, but there is no way of knowing at this time.