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    missing all menus and buttons from Folio Builder


      I had a problem with Folio Builder panel when change ID password. I re instal both plugin again( FP and FProdTool), but this did not help. After reading the forum about solving the problem >

      1) Quit InDesign and any other CS apps
      2) Use the Activity Monitor to quit the CS5ServiceManager or CS5.5Service Manager
      3) Next delete this file based on version:
      /Users/lnegi/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS5ServiceManager/preference/csxs2.pref
      /Users/lnegi/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS5.5ServiceManager/preference/csxs2.pref
      4) Then remove this item from the Keychain Access based on version:
      To remove from the keychain:

      1. Navigate to /Applications/Utilities and launch the Keychain Access.app
      2. If the lock icon in the upper left appears locked, click on it and enter your password to unlock it.
      3. Select the “login” item in the Keychains list in the top left.
      4. Select “Passwords” from the category list.
      5. Type “renga” in the search field in the top right.
      6. Select any matches and press the delete key.

      >>>>I followed the advice. But after that , Folio Builder panel has stopped working, missing all menus and buttons from FBpanel. Please help solve the problem!!!