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    Upgrade to Illustrator CS5.5 from Freehand MX

    mayank_b Level 1

      I have been forced to ask this question here because Adobe software resellers and Adobe live support have been unable to help me. They both asked me to contact each other. I am based in India and have a Freehand MX license (for Mac OS X) and also an Adobe Volume license account. I would like to upgrade to Illustraror CS5.5 (my old Mac will not run CS6) from Freehand MX, as mentioned on this page (as of today June 15, 2012): http://www.adobe.com/products/freehand/ 


      Text on the page says:

      "FreeHand customers can switch to Illustrator CS5 for US$199 (volume licensing also available), and access complimentary resources to ease the transition."


      I would appreciate any help in this regard. Shall share any conclusive feedback with my reseller, who, at the moment, is clueless about this upgrade. He is unable to help because the price list only includes Illustrator CS6 now which is not upgradable from Freehand.


      Thank you!