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    Digital Editions Activation Error

    Cant find a name

      I am trying to activate Adobe Digital Editions and I keep getting an activation error that I can't seem to paste here.  Adept request required is the way it starts.  Any suggestions?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Adobe Digital Editions forum.

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            It seems that these types of errors come in bunches to the Forum.....


            This is the text from ADE HELP (which you can review using the F1 key from

            Library or Reading view):


            "Activation and authorization


            After installation, the Setup Assistant wizard prompts you to activate

            Adobe Digital Editions (you must be online during this process). During

            activation, you have the option to authorize your computer with an Adobe

            ID. If you don't have an Adobe ID, creating one is free and only takes a

            minute. The Adobe ID enables you to transfer items protected by digital

            rights management (DRM) between multiple computers or devices and restore

            them after a data loss or system reinstallation.


            An Adobe ID also includes an Adobe membership, which gives you access to

            trial downloads, hundreds of free product extensions, and special community

            areas. It also allows you to view and manage your activity in the Adobe

            Worldwide Store.


            Adobe strongly recommends that you authorize your computer at initial

            activation to protect your digital content. If you choose to authorize at a

            later time, you can do so by choosing Library > Authorize Computer.


            After activation, any books, magazines, or other documents you previously

            bought with Adobe Acrobat® or Reader® software are migrated to Adobe

            Digital Editions. This is usually a relatively quick process. Adobe Digital

            Editions opens each item and reverifies its license to the user. If you

            don't have DRM-protected items, you don't need to be online during the

            migration. If you have a large number of items (for example, more than

            100), then this process may take a while, but you will see a progress bar

            indicating the state of the migration as it proceeds.


            Note: Items that you previously borrowed from a public library with Adobe

            Acrobat® or Reader® software are not migrated to Adobe Digital Editions.

            You need to return the library item and then borrow the item again with

            Digital Editions.


            Adobe Digital Editions then does some housekeeping (setting up the manifest

            and application shortcuts) and launches."


            Translation: when you download and install ADE, you should have an Adobe

            ID that you got when you registered with Adobe, and you should use that ID

            during the activation process.  If you did not have an Adobe ID, then you

            could fix that by going to Adobe and registering during the installation

            process.  If you've done that, then ADE should be on autopilot.


            You mentioned a message.  I'd bet the message says something like

            E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED.  That message means your computer's time, date and

            time zone are not in agreement with Adobe's record of your computer.  Check

            that information and MAKE SURE that they are correct.  If the message

            persists, that can mean your attempt at installing Digital Editions has

            passed its 'good until' time and/or date, and you might be better off to

            reinstall it.