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    anchored objects and text wrap


      HI, I have some large images that I want to anchor to the top of the page extending to the off sides to the spine. I've tried and tried with the 0 space paragraph, etc to get the text to wrap properly. It's usually just a fragment of the last sentence prior to the image that runs under the image (and there is no alert that it IS under there!


      Using CS5.5



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          lilia@ Helper

          eh? please explain! and supply some pix.

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            Daniel Flavin Champion

            If you had a negative value as shown in the text wrap option for the graphic, AND the graphic were on a higher layer or placed above the text, you would mask the type as described.

            You're mention of anchored to the top of the page needs clarification. Anchored frequently refers to graphic objects which are placed in-line with the text.


            Negative Text Wrap.JPG

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              kwillustrator Newcomer

              The issue is that the images are always supposed to be hugging the top or bottom and outer margins. when the image is at the top or say is a 2 page spread aligning at the top margin how can I anchor it to a paragraph content?  The big issue is when the  line wrap only partially and there is no visual cue that something is wrong.  I have tons of images in this multi doc ms that need to hang around the attending subject matter BUT with a majority of the images starting at the top margin, it is dangerous to anchor them becasue of the mis-wrap. Ha, I even thought I could put a non anchored empty text frame under the image.  That fixes the flow under the icture issue - until the image moves.


              Thoughts?   Workarounds?anchoreed obj and text reflow.jpg

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                Peter Spier Legend

                My guess is you will never get this to work the way you want at the top of a page except in those cases where the paragraph starts at the top. Text wrap on custom positioned anchored objects only affects text in lines following the anchor position, so the only way to make this work at the top of the page is to add a new paragraph with 0 leading as the first line and put the anchor in that. That won't work if the first line at the top of the page is part of a paragraph that started on the previous page.


                You'd probably be better off not to anchor the image at all.

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                  kwillustrator Newcomer

                  See my post to Lillia and that might make things clearer. Yes to the image, no on separate layer (maybe here's the rub.) It appears that though I initially set the images on a separate layer, when I ask it to anchor, the image moves down to the text layer. So the image has a text wrap and acts  as an anchored object (custom - not inline) and sometimes a grouping (the cutline below the image).



                  If I move image above the margin the issue gets worse (more lines scoot under the image) and since it is at the top I can't move the anchor up to another spread. A rt hand image doesn't have this issue doesnt have this problem until the anchor flows too low.

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                    kwillustrator Newcomer

                    Wah! Yeah, that's what I have been doing - no anchor. BUT I have been running into issues because huge blocks of text and images are getting added/deleted and I have to go back each time and find where the images were supposed to reside. I had been putting some red markers in with the text but that still is not the best because it affects overall flow.


                    So the moral to this story is have  inline designs if linking up with spceific copy is desired??

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                      Peter Spier Legend

                      Welcome to the world of page layout and anchored objects. This kind of project ALWAYS has a lot of manual tweaking involved. The only way to work with custom anchored objects and text wrap, and not need to fight, is to make sure the image is always below the line with the anchor, which is basically an impossible task.

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                        kwillustrator Newcomer

                        Sigh, thankzzzzzzz