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    flash player exe's still running after install green videos or crashing browser when using flash


      my task manager shows flashutil32_11_3_300_257_activex.exe still running.


      fresh install of winfdows732bit first install of flash went bad. or didnt work, like usual.


      now when i go to youtube or hulu or other video sites the videos are green/garbled or nonfunctioning/crashing the browser.

      hulu is paid for me so if i cant fix trash player i got to cancel my hulu.

      tried opera with alternative trashplayer.


      uninstalled a number of times, downloaded adobes uninstaller.





      deleted macomed folders reinstalled, uninstalled.


      tried 11.2.xxxx but it installed 11.3


      attached is a picture of my problems with adobe.


      this is a fresh install!!!!! should NOT be having this!!!!!!!


      you guys are a mess adobe.adobesucking.jpg