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    Lightroom 4, Suitcase and type management.

    Joe_Caldwell Level 1

      Hello, all.


      I have started to use the new Lightroom 4 and the new book feature. Considering books use type for their design and type is also used when in the print module to print photos, how exactly does Lightroom manage fonts?


      The folks at Extensis (i.e. Suitcase) don't see to know too much about Lightroom and don't have a plug-in for it. I am currently running CS5 and Suitcase has plug-ins installed for Photoshop (extended, in my case), InDesign and Illustrator.


      Aside from manually activating the fonts I intend to use in Suitcase (which is a much less practical option when you have a large font library), is there another way to handle fonts in Lightroom 4?


      1. Can or does Lightroom use the same plug-in installed for Photoshop ?

      2. Can Lightroom be configured so that it points to the Photoshop plug-in in its native location?

      3. In this case, would the same plug-in used for Photoshop also work for Lightroom?

      4. Assuming the above would not work, could the Photoshop plug-in be copied to the location where the plug-ins for Lightroom as to be located and, in this case, would this plug-in work?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Ian Lyons MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom can't access or use any of the Photoshop plugin for font management, and Photoshop plugins are not in themselves compatible with Lightroom.


          I have no idea how Suitcase works, but Lightroom uses the fonts that the OS points to.

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            jkidwell Level 2

            If you have a numbwer of fonts that you use always use in Lightroom, you can create an Application Set in Suitcase Fusion for it. That way, every time you launch Lightroom, those fonts will always be activated.


            In Suitcase Fusion:

            1. Choose File > New Application Set

            2. Navigate to the Lightroom application and click Create

            3. Add fonts to the new application set. Now every time Lightroom launches, it will activate these fonts.


            Hope that this helps you.


            Jim Kidwell


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              web-weaver Level 5

              I think Lr uses and displays all fonts that are installed on your system. At least it does on my Win7.

              I don't know Mac but on Windows fonts are installed into a Windows folder and are then available for any program that uses fonts - Photoshop, Lr, Microsoft Word, whatsoever.

              Basically, if a font that you want is not available in Lr (= on your system), you have to download it - buy it - install it on your system, and that's all there is to it.

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                Joe_Caldwell Level 1

                Hi, Jim.



                Thanks for your help and reply to my post.


                As a long time user of Suitcase I was surprised to find out about this feature. What a good feature.  It is extremely useful and a way to have fonts activated according to the application you are using.


                In my case I have numerous fonts (certainly more than a thousand) so it isn't always easy to know ahead of time what fonts I will be using with a specific application or project. The auto-activation feature in Suitcase makes this process easy. Do you think Extensis may be releasing a plug-in for Lightroom 4 in the near future to allow this application to use its auto-activation feature ?


                Thank you again for your help and for letting me know about the Application Set feature.

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                  jkidwell Level 2

                  Hi Joe,


                  We are always listening to our customers to find out which software applications are most important in their workflows. I will definitely put in your feature request for a Lightroom plug-in in with our development team. While it's unlikely that we will see any brand new plug-ins in the near future, your input will definitely help us guide our future efforts.



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                    Joe_Caldwell Level 1

                    Thank you, Jim.


                    I am happy to hear that Extensis is paying attention to their customer base.


                    It is very kind of your to take notes of suggestions made by customers like me and consider them for future releases of your software. At a time when customer service from most companies just keeps getting worse it is very refreshing to see a company take the approach Extensis is taking.


                    Congratulations and thank you again for your helpful reply to my post.