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    Site Management: Crash / DW CS4




      It's been 2 days that I can't use DW because it says me that the root files for my websites don't exist. When I try to correct it in site management, and when I try to create a new site in site management, DW gives this message of error (I translate it from french) " : this character isn't availaible for this access".


      It's then impossible to use DW; since it doesn't recongnize the files I choose.


      What should I do ?

      I followed the tip and deleted the ".dat" file in my library -> language. Also deleted the whole preference file in language. Once I managed to create a new site, and the minute after, it bugged again.


      Thanks a lot for your help !



      PS: I'm on MacBookPro Intel, Mac OSX 10.6.8 using Dreamweaver CS4