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    PS CS6 Auto Recover??? Posted earlier but seems to have vanished

    shunithD Level 3

      Hi... posted this earlier but the problem/question seems to have vanished... so, reposting.


      Was asked to troubleshoot a Win 7 PS13 (CS6) crash today - first time to my knowledge PS has ever crashed! On restart, no Auto Recover option. All work lost. Did some checking.


      Found two folders:

      1. On the boot disk, found Users\xxxx...\....\AutoRecover

      2. On the exclusive scratch disk - set on G: - found the folder G:\PSAutoRecover (as well as the PS temp file in the root of G:).


      Both the AutoRecover folders were empty.


      Set auto save time to 5 minutes... Rebooted. Restarted PS and created a new file - test01.psd. Saved it. Did some work, didn't save... kept checking... (played games for 15 mins). Checked. Both AutoRecover files remained empty.


      Crashed the system (forced shutdown). Auto recover option and the test file was not showing up in the recent files list... opened the original test01.psd. No work subsequent to the original save showed up. Nor any recovery option. Did some more work on the file... just checked... both the AutoRecover folders are still empty.


      (Just closed PS and saw that the PS temp file deleted itself. Both the AutoRecovery folders remain - empty.}


      So, my questions are:


      1. Is there a 'Permissions' attribute i need to set? Or...

      2. Is the AutoRecover messed up? Or...

      3. Is the installation messed up and should i advise a reinstallation?