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    Flash Player 11.3 Status - Updated 8/2/12

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      First, we apologize for any problems that you may be encountering with the latest version of Flash Player 11.3.  We've been working around the clock to resolve these issues and I'd like to update everyone with our current status.


      Flash Player 11.3.300.268 (Mac and Windows, all browsers) was released on July 26th, 2012 to address the following issues:


      • Various general stability and rendering issues


      Flash Player 11.3.300.270 (Windows only, for all browsers except Chrome) was released on August 2nd, 2012 to address the crash that occurred in FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe on some systems.  No other changes were made.


      We'd like to get your feedback.  Please let us know how this release works for you by responding to this thread or creating a new thread or bug report if a new problem is occurring.



      Thank you.  I will update this post as additional information becomes available.




      Updated 6/19/12 - Flash Runtime blog post: Update on Flash Player 11.3 and Mozilla Firefox Issues

      Updated 6/20/12 - Added link to Flash Player update for Firefox stability issues

      Updated 6/22/12 - Added link to the audio update post

      Updated 6/28/12 - Added information on planned release

      Updated 7/11/12 - Added information on the new Flash Player 11.3 update

      Updated 7/26/12 - Added information on Flash Player 11.3.300.268 and FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe workarounds

      Updated 8/2/12 - Added release note for Flash Player 11.3.300.270 and the fix for FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe

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