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    Adobe Reader could not open


      Each time that I go to turn on my computer once it turns on and my main page opens I receive an error message from my Adobe Reader that reads as follows -


      Adobe Reader count not open "btrez.dll" because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded.


      I have tried a couple of things to correct this error such as deleting my Adobe Reader from my system and then downloading Adobe Reader with the newest edition of Adobe Reader and again I still receive this error message. I also have gone into my Tools then into my Internet options then into Browsing History Settings. Once in settings I made sure that in the section that says "Check for newer versions of stored pages: Making sure that the line that says "Automaticly" is checked to be active. I then rebooted my computer to see if this corrected the problem and it did not so I then went to delete Adobe Reader once more then followed by reinstalling Adobe Reader and again it failed to correct this error. Please I need some help on either repairing this error or fixing Adobe Reader so that I don't receive this error message ever again. Please advise, thank you!