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    Should I "Upgrade" from 2010 to 2012 process for existing finalized photos

    impactsystemsDT Level 1

      I've just loaded LR4 on my machine, but I haven't opened my existing database in it.  I created a new one.  My concern is that by "upgrading" my LR3 catalog I will alter some or all of the finalized and print ready photo's I have painstakingly worked on and perfected using 2010 LR3 process and sliders.  LR4 2012 process will undoubtebly change the look of the photo's and I don't neccesarily want that.


      How is everyone handling this?


      1. When I convert the library I'm assuming it will keep every photo in 2010 process and it will look identical to the way it did in LR3 unless and until I manually change that individual photo or pick a group of photos to change.  Correct?
      2. If I convert to 2012 process for any particular photo and decide I like the 2010 process that I finalized better, can I revert back to the 2010 process and get the exact same finalized photo back?  I'm assuming this would simply be available in the history tab, but I want to be sure.
      3. Should I just keep my entire existing LR3 catalog as an LR3 catalog and never use it in LR4 or should I upgrade it then try and find a way to store both the existing 2010 process and the 2012 process in the same catalog. 


      Any suggestions or input would be appreciated.