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    booklet printing on Tabloid paper


      I am creating a booklet to print on tabloid paper. I will be giving this to someone else to take to printer. I'm having a problem because I can't see a way to set up the print to booklet feature, unless I am actually printing it right now on my printer (which does not support printing). Any ideas how to do this so person going to Kinkos does not need to mess with it when they get there?

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          yvonnemccoySOS Level 1

          I meant to say ...does not support tabloid printing

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            First and foremost, you need to formulate your concepts. How would you want your output to be? Or what do you want to do with your raw file. Only then will you be able to know what you should do with that raw file. You can play with trial and error but that would consume your time. Aside from that, it is less likely that you would get desirable results.

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              Daniel Flavin Level 4

              It's not your resposibility to impose a document for mutliple up, booklet or any other scenerio for many reasons. You are making educated guesses as to how the job will print, but are not actually printing the job.


              If you were creating more than a four page newsletter, would you consider creep/shingling? Are you certain they are running flat spreads as opposed to folded signatures? Are bleeds required?


              On behalf of all the qualified small printers barely able to make ends meet, if your print provider, Kinko's, cannot print from a proper facing pages document, find one who can. IMO, you'll receive a better product from a company who cares about your project and will be happy to help.