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    Move a design from PS to Indesign


      Hi All,


      I have designed a full colour event poster in Photoshop (CS5) in A3 size.

      The design itself uses photographs with various layer styles, texture (background) images with pixel gradient masks, text and some .eps logos


      The problem that i have come across after designing it is that the final exported pdf (in print quality) is too large for the recipient. They have suggested supplying the art in indesign format (or using indesign to create the .pdf)

      While i have a vague knowledge of how to use indesign, i really don't know what i need to do to get my design from Photoshop to indesign and maintain the look of the poster.


      So.. Just wondering if anyone would be able to give me an idea of the best way to go about this.


      Any help would be much appreciated.... Thanks

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional


          I suggest you make a copy of the Photoshop file (File > Save As... and rename it) so that you keep your layered file in case you need to go back to the original and make further changes. Then flatten the copy and save it as a Photoshop PDF e.g. [PDF/X-1a:2001].


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            lilia@ Level 2

            save as a photoshop pdf or

            in indesign... place the image in a frame and then export to pdf

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              Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

              By the way, you should ensure that your A3 PSD document is not more than 300ppi (Image > Image size).

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                How did you create this PDF and what makes you or the recipient think ID will create a smaller one?




                If you’re sending this for print, then I would question the printer. File size should not be an issue.




                If it’s just for proofing, then use the PDF optimizer in Acrobat to knock the file size down.




                Finally, if you save as PDF from Photoshop WITHOUT the ability to edit that PDF in Photoshop the file size will drop dramatically. Make sure to save as PSD first.





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                  Mattof79 Level 1

                  Thanks for all of your suggestions. I think my reasons for moving to indesign were due more to my lack of knowledge than the recipients requests.


                  I think i need to proivide a little more info to be clear.

                  The poster is designed in A3 at 300dpi (images are all 300dpi)... but will be downsized to an A4 advertisement in a magazine.. and upsized to an A2 poster for promotion of the event.


                  It is my understanding that it would be best to keep all text and logos as vector objects so they maintain their sharpness when upsized. I have also converted all text to shape layers before saving the pdf from photoshop.


                  I guess my question was as much about what would be the best way to do it in the future, as it was about solving my current problem..


                  Any further tips or advise would be welcome.


                  I have managed to get the file size down to 33mb using your suggestions... thanks