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    Ideas about adding scorm capabilities to Indesign




      I'm using to deliver my content in 2 methods:


      1. Adobe captivate for e-learning courses

      2. Adobe indesign for books


      Those 2 methods share great part of the content.

      Indesign well supported to work with database content, which mean i can change my content from database and the data spread out to any book this piece of content deliver to.


      With adobe captivate it impossible, the only way is maybe via XML, but the xml is not order by slides and I can't see logical order there.


      after i read pipwerks.com article about add scorn to swf/html, I thought about using indesign for courses as well, and maybe use some solution to add scorn capabilities to indesign. http://pipwerks.com/2008/05/08/adding-scorm-code-to-an-html-file/


      I would appreciate every advice/tip you guys might give me.